Welcome to Carmel A. Whittle gallery

Added a few new paintings to the gallery also check out the store and if you see something you like send me an email and i can send you the details of how you can purchase my art.  The band are getting reading for May 1st Gil’s Hootenanny you don’t want to miss out.  Moonfruits will be the main act and Elizabeth Riley Band are this year’s Gil’s Hootenanny Band.  Be sure to mark the date for a wonderful day of solidarity, songs of hope songs of protest.  See you there!




Today is the last day of work  for five weeks and i am truly so ready for a vacation!!
I wanted to share that last night we had the honor of joining our dear friend Ann and some of her family and friends who attended a special songwriting evening.  Ann who invited her friend Craig Cardiff to lead us all in song and songwriting.  Thank you Ann and Craig for such a magical, honest and soul opening experience.  I look forward to hearing the beauty of words as they ring out across the universe.      http://www.craigcardiff.com/

The Annual Morin Heights Dave & Penny Rose Garden Party:

Here are a few pics of the event that really stays with you and holds a place in your heart that will last a lifetime.  Thank you to our band  Elizabeth Riley Band.  Thankyou to Charline Dequincey and Sally Robinson who played with us.




Today’s ponderings

Events Past and Present:

Minwaashin Lodge and ICMI, offering  visual art workshop and electronic instruments offered to youth 10 -16 and 16 – 30 yr old
Exhibition and Performance TBA
Instructors/Workshop facilitators:  Carmel Whittle, Kat Clarida
Jesse Stewart, award winning percussionist, http://www.jessestewart.ca


Past Shows: