Carmel A. Whittle

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“Breaking Through To The Sun” 4 x 4 on oak panel board

I am so honoured that my painting was chosen by Carleton University Student Mental Health Advisory Committee 2016 Carleton University Friendship Bench.

Artist statement:

The upward motion of the whale pushing through the weight of gravity and reaching to the sky represents the struggles faced by those with mental health issues.  The bright yellow sun breaking through symbolizes the power of light inside all of us. The whale represents the human spirit rising through a great weight and the sun breaking through symbolizes support and care.

Below the original:  “Breaking Through To The Sun”


Carmel Whittle is an accomplished Irish, Mik’maq visual artist, musician and song writer, educator hailing from Newfoundland – a province whose harsh beauty and strong people have moulded her into an artist with a deep understanding of the struggle that Indigenous people in this country are going through.


Singer/songwriter                      Percussionist

2016 Glowfair Festival art on the street honouring Orlando GLBT2 lives